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Dec 18 08 1:28 PM

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Things are still scattered all I'll try and put all the resources here, so the next poor schmuck who tries this project will have a good running start.

For anyone who thinks this is trivial, here's a short list of all the things you have to implement (and secure!) to make a true CotW port (to be edited repeatedly):
--Scrolling mini textbox
---Meaningful Stats - see Character
-Pop-up examinings
-Hiding things the player hasn't seen yet
-Splash screen
-Death screen
-Victory screen

-2nd set of keys (U,H,J...)
--Moving on left-drag
--Examine on right-click
--Scroll buttons, etc.
-View mode

-Sort Pack!
-Weight Management
--Loop-nesting check

Character screen
-Character Builder

Combat System
--Casting Without Enough Mana

-Secret Doors
-Random Items
-Random Dungeons
-Nonrandom rooms

Here's some graphics:
image COTW 1 icons
image COTW2 icons
image COTW2 tiles (pretty sure they're the same in both games)
image Combined COTW icons, with extras added at the bottom for Hobgoblin and Berzerker, more to follow (should update automatically as I edit)
imageFast-Map icons

simulationary's stats on monster drops and shops:

Theodis' pseudocode on statgain, etc:

Theodis' pseudocode on spellcasting, etc:

Everyone else, please contribute; I'd like to keep the meat near the top, so we can just edit in new stuff as long as the Edit window's open. Screw discussion.
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