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Nov 4 07 2:52 PM

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I am thinking about different kind of challenge: a quiz. I will post here a lot of questions about CotW and the others can answer.

You can use any materials. But the most useful is to have a lot of different savegames. If you have no savegames, then you must complete whole game, all parts of it.

If you have played whole game couple of times from beginning to end during your life, then your can answer some questions without thinking. Some questions you must think a bit. Some answers you will find from internet. Sometimes it's impossible to conclude answer, but you can open savegame and look. And sometimes you must simply guess.

Every correct answer gives 2 points. Partly correct answer gives 1 point. Wrong answer gives 0 point. No answer gives 0 point. So if you do not know the answer, guess something, it cannot make worse.

Prizes? If you will get a lot of points, then you will become self-confident and proud for your big knowledge. If you will get a few points, then after deadline I will give correct answers and you will get experience and knowledge. So every participant will get something.
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Nov 6 07 12:22 PM

I will give you all questions at once and you will have, for example, 2 weeks to thnk. This lets to participate these also, to whom the begin date is not convenient.

I will give one question per floor in castle. So, from Crossroads to Surtur is 25 floors + 0th floor + field between city and castle + city, altogether 28 questions, which makes maximum 56 points.

It's quite difficult to make a question, for example, for 2nd floor, because it is different for everyone. So questions are usually not related with some specific floor. Some questions are related, but usually I will not say, with which one.

Generally first questions describe mine, then fortress and last questions castle, but it is not always so.

If two or more participants get equal points, then first criterion is the last question. Second criterion is time: who posted answers earlier, is better.

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Nov 19 07 12:46 AM

Twilight Wizard, on behalf of all the members of this board. Welcome and enjoy your stay. Although it may seem at times we're not active, most of us check this board quite frequently.

Anyways...let's get this quiz started already.

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Nov 20 07 12:01 PM

Begin and end date and time

Now I have made all questions and translated them into English (at first I thought, that it is a bit easier to make such set of questions). Now the begin date ... It must be a thursday, then I am very probably able to work with internet. (Thor's day, yeah.) 22th of November, day after tomorrow, in evening, more-less 8 o'clock by Estonian time (Greenwich time+2), in America it is midday or something like that. After 2 weeks, on 6th of December, I will post the answeres.

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Nov 22 07 1:20 PM

-2. You stand on village well and run with 100%/200% speed into mine until downstairs of 0th floor (not entering into 1st floor). How much time you will need for that? Exact time 2 p., +-5 seconds 1 p. Note: Combat with monsters does not count.
-1. How big is the normal floor? Some floors are less, they do not count. Give the number of rows and number of columns, 1 correct 1 point.
0. Which traps and monsters are on road to fortress and on 0th floor of fortress? Hint: Hidden door is neither monster nor trap.
1. Generally there is no dead bodies in the game. The dead bodies simply vanish. However, there is one dead human in the game, and I do not mean zombies, skeletons and other monsters. I also do not mean king Lifthransir and your foster parents. And also I do not mean, that after burning village down there is very probably dead bodies. Of course, I do not mean prisoner, who will not die, if properly handled. The dead body is invisible and cannot say anything, but other signs show, that it is there. Is it in mine, fortress or castle? Which floor? Correct part of game with wrong floor gives 1 point, correct floor with wrong part of game gives 0 points.
2. In the File -> Review story list you will get some most important messages in the game. How many messages you will get there from all parts, from mine, fortress and castle, if you play through the whole game? Hint: Background does not appear in the list and therefore does not count. +-1 gives 1 point.
3. Knowing weight and bulk, you can calculate density of each item in game. Which items have the biggest density?
4. If you look from help file an object directory, then there is a mistake. In one item’s description weight and bulk have changed their places. Which item is wrongly described?

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Nov 22 07 1:23 PM

5. Which three items can weigh more than 100 kg? 2 correct items give 1 point.
6. Which item is the commonest in whole game? Hints: Heaps of money do not count. Empty small pack and full small pack are considered the same item, because full small pack can be emptied and after that it is indistinguishable from empty small pack. Cursed club and normal club are considered different items, because you can remove curse, but cursed club does not become normal club.
7. Which trap is the commonest in whole game? Note that a lot of totally different traps share the same icon. Sometimes the same trap may be marked with different icons, but let’s say, that if icon is different, then trap is also different.
8. Usually monsters origin from myths. For example, then it is easier for player to imagine the monsters. But there is one kind of monsters in CotW, who does not origin from myths. There is nothing similar like this in any mythology. This monster is invented by computer play designers, although not by Rick Saada. Which monster is it?
9. Experience points given for killing a dragon depend on dragon’s age, but also on dragons’s color. Which color dragon gives the most points?
10. I counted killed monsters in the mine in expert level. At first I went through floors and killed every monster, which I saw. If I came back, then I searched remained monsters with detect monsters spell and so killed every monster in every floor. Which monster was overwhelmingly the commonest? The second place was divided by three monsters, but by far less number than first. So only first place monster gives points.
11. The same in Bjarnarhaven. Which monster is the commonest in fortress? Here difference between first and second place is quite small, but between second and third place is big, so if you by error answer second-place-monster, you will get 1 point.

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#12 [url]

Nov 22 07 1:25 PM

12. Which spell needs more mana then any other spell?
13. If you wear boots of speed, how much faster you will move?
14. Two-handed sword makes more damage, is heavier and bigger than any other weapon in CotW. In addition, it has a unique characteristic among CotW weapons. Which?
15. Amulet of kings has one attribute. Which?
16. In Nordic mythology Thor killed three of these four giants. Who stayed alive: Hrungnir, Utgardsloke, Thrym or Thiassa? (If you kill all four, that makes you mightier than Thor himself!)
17. Which trap appears in whole game exactly once?
18. Who is the head god (overgod, king of gods) in Nordic mythology?

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#13 [url]

Nov 22 07 1:27 PM

19. Three items appear only once in the game: amulet of kings, helmet of storms and which is the third item?
20. Thor has war hammer Mjølner (Mjolnir), which has chance to hit 100% and very big damage. It has third important feature also. Which?
21. Which character in Nordic mythology could change sex and shape in according with will? So (s)he was father to giant wolf Fenrir, enourmous sea monster Midgårdsorm (Jörmungandr) and goddess of underworld Hel, but mother to fast horse Slejpner (Sleipnir), who had 8 feet?
22. If gods felt in Nordic mythology, that they are getting old, then they went to Idun, to the youth goddess, and she made them young again. How? Hint: At first you may think, that this question is not related with CotW, but actually it is related with an icon and therefore I ask it.
23. How many experience points you will get for killing Surtur?
24. Which message you will get, if you carry helmet of storms in you chest and you will read a rune of return?
25. How much money you will get, if you sell in expert level into shop an enchanted ax of very big intelligence and very big damage, which makes you resistance to cold?

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#14 [url]

Nov 22 07 1:41 PM

I forgot to say, that you can post answers to my personal address, which is taivo at staff point ttu point ee, but probably a button "send private message" behind my messages works also.

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#15 [url]

Nov 28 07 4:51 PM

One week is left, I have not got any answers yet. I encourage you to send answers and if you cannot answer all questions, then part of them is also a good thing.

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#19 [url]

Dec 11 07 11:51 AM

-2. I examined very carefully and got 4.10.
-1. 64*64.
0. Deadfall, pit, bandit and 2 goblin fighters.
1. Fortress, 1st floor. There is a pre-programmed round room, where you can see rusty armor, rusty helmet and a lot of rats, who eat dead body.
2. I counted 29 (3 + 6 + 20). But it was sent an answer to me 10+20. Let's count. In mine you get one in foster parents' house, second after reading scrap of parchment and third after village is burned down. In fortress you get one in 4th and 8th floor, Hrungnir's 2 speeches, father's speech and end game message. What did I miss?
3. If you open help file and look object directory, then you see, that only items, which weight in grams is bigger than bulk in cubic centimeters, are steel helmet and helmet of detect monsters.
4. Ring. In object directory its weight is given 50 and bulk 30, but actually it is vice versa.
5. It is easy to get 1 point, answering big and medium chest. All chests can consist 100 kg items and if we add their own weight (25 kg and 15 kg respectively), then big chest can weigh up to 125 kg and medium chest up to 115 kg.
By principle, small chest can consist also 100 kg items. But it can contain only 50 liters. That means, you must fill it with items, which weigh 2 kg for each liter. But there is no such items in CotW! Helmets have the biggest density and if you fill small chest with 25 steel helmets, then they weigh altogether 62,5 kg. Add chest’s own weigh 10 kg and small chest cannot weigh more than 72,5 kg.
What then? Large enchanted pack of holding can consist also 100 kg items, but it reports its weigh always 10 kg, no difference, is it full or empty. So this is also false.
The correct item is – surprise-surprise – PURSE! It can consist 100 kg money + its own weigh 0,3 kg = maximum weight 100,3 kg. Of course, it is difficult to collect such large sum of money.
6. Purse again. Every time, when you kill a thief, you will get one.
7. Hidden glyph, which damages HP. No points for answer "hidden glyph"!
8. Gelatinous glob. No points are given for slime!
9. Red.
10. Kobold. Probably a lot of monsters share the same probability to appear, but in 4th floor there is a pre-programmed room with a lot of kobolds and this makes number of kobolds the biggest, since this is the only pre-programmed room in mine.
11. Goblin fighter 2 points, walking corpse 1 point. They have the same probability to appear, but there are a lot of pre-programmed rooms with goblin fighters and none with walking corpses, so number of goblin fighters is slightly bigger.
12. Transmogrify monster and healing.
13. With 125% speed, so 25% faster.
14. You cannot carry shield with two-handed sword.
15. Makes resistant to drain life.
16. Utgardslok. (Clue: 16th floor is his floor.)
17. Trap of animating statues. (Clue: 17th floor is its floor.)
18. Odin. No points are given for his son Thor.
19. Elemental portal. (Clue: 19th floor is its floor.)
20. Like bumerang, it always returns to its thrower.
21. Loki.
22. Idun had apples, which made their eater younger.
23. 344.
24. The charge is absorbed by the helm.
25. 27 480.

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#20 [url]

Aug 24 10 5:06 PM

Additional comment to #14: fighting while wielding a two-handed sword makes you drop your "free hand" item on the floor. Very annoying, makes such weapons useless in my opinion.

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