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Apr 1 07 9:33 AM

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That's quite surprising, but we have no topic about suggestions, how to play. Maybe some visitors search such help? Let me start.

Number of items in every shop is more-less constant. After you visit into shop randomly generated new items are added into shop and/or random items are removed from it. It is better, when in shop are less items, which You have sold into shop. You don't want to buy them back, so it's like wasting shop's room.

So, don't sell cheap items (normal boots and cloaks, empty belts and bags etc) into shop! Instead, sell them as junk! You will get the same price and a bit more room in shops for maybe more useful items.
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Apr 4 07 12:40 PM

In the first part, in the mine, on 4th floor you will find a scrap of parchment. You can read it, come out and end the first part. But don't do that! It's better first to sell all unnecessary items. If you sell them in Bjarnarhaven, then they take room in Bjarnarhaven shops.

Instead, pick the parchment and don't read it. Of course, at last you will come out of mine. You cannot come out from floor 0 with the parchment, in this moment it is read unavoidably. Again, don't do that!

Instead, one step before quitting the mine put the parchment on ground. Then go to the tiny hamlet and sell all unnecessary items. Go back and pick up the parchment. Now you are ready to end the first part of game.

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Apr 11 07 4:15 AM

You do not need to carry always all things with you. You can simply put some things, that you will need sometimes later, somewhere on ground. There is no thieves in cities and villages. (Actually, if you really want, you can get a thief there, but this is not the point.) Some players collect enormous treasures into cities.

But doing so in first part, in tiny village, you must remember: in the moment, when you read scrap of parchment, all things you left in the village disappear. Be careful! If you want to leave something for time you spend in mine, remove them before reading the parchment or leave them in area between village and mine! They do not disappear there.

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Apr 11 07 8:54 PM

Save Often, it's very easy to save with the save button being very easy to access near the top without ever bringing down the file window.

Learn Rune of Return as quick as possible, it will help you sell stuff you don't need much faster!

If your having a hard time in the start of the game, Magic arrow can help as you can fire it from distances far away without coming into contact with enemies, giving you a chance to level up.

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Apr 15 07 11:34 AM

Each time, when you reach a new level, you must choose a new spell to learn. Which spells are more useful?

If you begin the game, then let your first spell be magic arrow. At first player is very weak in combat and magic arrow helps to combat from distance.

Let your second spell be heal minor wounds. It is bad to play without healing yourself, that's so in almost every compuiter game.

Do not choose light. Books of light seem to be quite common, almost surely you can find a book of light somewhere in the mine. And also, there are a lot of wands of light in Bjarnarhaven and Crossroad shops.

What to choose next? Decide yourself. I have seen very different suggestions. For example, to choose detect objects and phase door as third and forth spell; I personally never use neither of them. I choose clearvoyance, detect traps and shield next, but I have also read comments, which consider clearvoyance and shield as totally worthless spells.

By principle, rune of return is a very valuable spell, but there is no need to choose it very early. I have made a rule for myself to use it only in floor 10th or deeper, so it's no need to choose it earlier than on 6th level.

Neutralize poison is a valuable spell also, but there is no need to choose it, because it is expensive (3 mana) and there are a lot of potions of neutralize poison in caves and shops.

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Apr 15 07 11:42 AM

I never buy or use healing spells until I get to the last levels of the second dungeon, resting as much as possible gets you far enough...

Poison healing can be handy.

Rune of return as quick as possible for me.

The rest is all just filling, I never use spells that much.

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Apr 21 07 11:54 AM

I have read a suggestion to never sell a book of spells, if you cannot this spell. This is actually not important at all.

There is 30 learnable spells (and some unlearnable). At first maybe seems difficult to learn all of them, but actually it is possible. And maybe you want to learn all possible spells. This can be your choice and aim.

But you can finish game without knowing every spell. You can finish a game, knowing only half of them. Or even less, if you really want. I think, that normal player uses only half of spells, what he learns.

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Apr 23 07 11:31 AM

What to do, when your mana ends? You can sleep, of course, until your mana is restored, by pressing big R or appropriate button. But also you can do a thing, which is a bit similar to cheating.

Save game. Then use a spell. You are asked, do you really want to continue, because this can damage your health. Yes, you want that. Sometimes you lose characteristic, as you can read in happenings window down left of screen and see in character window. This case, load the game and try again, until you can spell without losing anything. This way you can have 4 additional mana, until you mana is -4. Further nothing helps, you always lose something important, if spelling.

If your mana is negative and you reach a new level, then you get always full mana, not maximum minus 4. But if you have -4 mana and you drink a potion of lesser restore mana, which usually gives +12 mana, then you have after that -4+12=+8 mana.

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Apr 23 07 4:39 PM

Have used the save cheat a number of ways - before going to a new level to get things I want there, before going into a shop so I can buy what I want, before cloning a giant or some other monster which often has goods, before battle, and to get the next down stairs where I want it.

A couple of non-cheats:

When you're low on mana and are strong enough to kill anything on a level, find the most central or most connected room available and do R. This works almost like summon monster but you won't get hit first. You may get a dozen monsters to kill this way without having to go look for them.

Cloning without having the capability:
you can do this once you start seeing wizards but you need to be quite a bit stronger than simply being able to win on the wizards floor, or, have a number of speed potions, or some combination of both. Be careful as it can be dangerous. Find a wizard, kill off other monsters on the floor, then approach but don't attack. The wizard may summon a monster, which could be a wizard. Kill anything else and take a speed potion or several if slowed. Forget the number of turns that the wizard may cast, think it is six. After that, kill the original wizard since it won't summon another. If you get too many wizards in the room, phase or transport out. Have had dozens of wizards on a level doing that. Lots of goodies that way. No waiting for regeneration. Necromancer also works, but not as well.

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Apr 26 07 10:59 AM

Let's imagine, that you need to use a magic arrow. You have mana and wand of magic arrow. Which to use?

Spelling from hand (wand, potion, scroll) needs more time, spelling from mana is quicker. It may happen, that if you are face to face against monster and spell from mana, then monster can meanwhile hit you once, but if you spell from hand, then twice. Therefore I suggest to use wands from distance. It is especially important for quick monsters as thief.

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May 2 07 5:10 PM

Was playing some yesterday in the mine at expert level to re-acquaint myself with play. From that and what I remember, some suggestions for early play:

Traps are dangerous at first - quite a few can hit hard enough to take you out if you are already down in hit points. Search before moving. An alternative is to disarm in all directions you can move. The search uses time, but disarm does not unless there is actually something to disarm. Think that disarm was not meant to be used this way so it can probably be considered a cheat. And it is quite tedious to do.

Search and move outward from your stairs up. If in a room, clear the nearest squares first and work out to finish the room, being careful of any open doors. If in a hallway, clear a few squares one direction, then go back and go the other way. The idea is to always try to keep an escape path that has been cleared of traps.

The third thing is to stay away from vipers as much as possible. In my play yesterday, my character was poisoned four times. The first three I depended on luck. The next, I took a potion. After that, I had detect monster and knew where they were. The best I have is to make sure you check the screen after each move. Find that difficult myself as I like to move faster than that. Did manage to clear all four levels without dying.

If still on mine level 1, retreat to level 0 to regen mana. Drop any objects you are not using at the top of the stairs, including copper. You need to move as fast as possible at first since you don't have much armor. You probably should retreat to regen when you are down to 3 mana or lose more than a couple hit points. Once you level a couple of times, it gets much safer.

My personal preference is to avoid using potions and scrolls and save the money to upgrade armor or weapon.

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May 6 07 10:54 AM

You cannot slow dragons. At first I thought, that such powerful enemies must be slowed, and did that often (I had wands of slow). The program says, that I see dragon slowing down, but actually they are immune to slow. This can be a bug.

You can prove that. Save game where a dragon can see you, but not side by side with him. Then run away (you must be quicker than he). He will run after you. Select an easily recogniseable point not very close and remember time from down right window, when the dragon reaches that point. Now reload the game and do the same, but slow the dragon first. Compare times. They are equal.

As much as I remember, all other monsters, including Surtur, are slowable. Correct me, if I err.

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May 6 07 3:00 PM

I believe slow monster works on dragons. The dragon I cast it on stopped moving for a turn more often after I cast slow monster on it. I used the . button to watch it move while detecting monsters, after casting slow monster on it. Ancient dragons seem to act as though slowed down already.

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#14 [url]

May 15 07 10:54 AM

This is not a tip, simply an interesting thing I noted. As much as I understand, does not work in first parts, in tiny hamlet and Bjarnarhaven, but only in third part, in Crossroads.

Find a cursed unidentified item (works with enchanted items also). Bring it into city and sell it (into shop or as junk). You are asked, do you really want to sell it. Yes, you want. Now appears a window "Cursed item" with single OK button.

Do not push the OK button! Instead, drag it so, that it partly (not totally) covers the item you just sold. Release mouse. Now drag the window away and enjoy. Repeat, if you want.

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#16 [url]

May 21 07 10:12 AM

If you collect a certain amount of experience, then you will pass to a new level. You will get full mana. So, it is important to spend all you mana before reaching a new level. You must be exact in guessing on where to spend mana: if you spend it too much, then you must play quite a lot without mana, but if you spend it too few, then some of it goes waste. I have played COTW for years and I am still not enough experienced in guessing this and sometimes I must spend last manas for clearvoyance or simply shielding myself.

Ceteris paribus, if you have choice, to spell from hand or from mana, then after spelling from hand a potion or a scroll disappears, making you lighter and so quicker, but spelling from mana does not change neither your weight nor speed. Therefore I do not use a strategy to spell at first from mana and only when all mana is exhausted, then from hand.

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#18 [url]

May 23 07 4:27 AM

I know, what sleeping does. I simply do not sleep. Time is important for me. This is by principle unimportant for winning game, passing to new levels and collecting experience points, but I never sleep and never rest in game. The expert mode is on upper limit, if there would be an extra-expert mode, then I would not be able to play it without sleeping and resting. And the result? Tiny hamlet + Bjarnarhaven -> 2 days in game (1 of them going from hamlet to Bjarnarhaven), Crossroads -> 2 days in game.

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#19 [url]

May 23 07 11:23 AM

I don't like doing it as fast as possible, I take my time to loot every goddamn potion in the game... And I rest after each spell...

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#20 [url]

May 26 07 2:59 PM

Same here, Gil

The only thing i hated about sleeping was that every time i did some random monster attacks me - and this usually happens three to five times in a row.... annoying!


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