Oct 18 12 1:34 PM

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There's a cargo modification Action Replay code for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks; I can easily identify the part that changes how much of a cargo you have. But I can't seem to find the part that changes what type of cargo you have.

The code is: 02264BBC 0000000F. But, if I'm remembering it right, that should only be for 99 units of ice. The other cargo types are: Fish, Iron, Wood, Chickens and Dark Ore.
If the code can be figured out, then any cargo (especially Dark Ore) would always remain at 99.

I've tried on my own, but there are so many possibilities and I wasn't getting any results at all; so I ended up giving up.
So if anyone would be willing to help, I'd be very grateful.
(Plus there have been others who wanted a cargo mod code as well.)