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Apr 27 12 10:37 AM

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That link is a video of the engine I am working on. It is C#, 3.5 XNA Framework. I just implemented more advanced fog-of-war logic and implemented buildings.

I have a rudimentary level maker made with Windows Forms (VB.Net) code.

Sean C

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May 4 12 3:09 PM


Working on the Inventory screen right now. I have simple enemys implemented, they don't move around but the player can engage them (attack animation). Once the inventory screen and managing items is done I will write some simple AI to automate the enemies while I work on the Attack Damage formulas.

I will post the design for how the player stats work soon. The player's speed of moving from square to square is based off his Dexterity and Burden. The attack speed is also affected by those, but will be influenced by the attacking weapon.

There is no NPC or Dialouge system planned yet. I found a self contained database engine that works off of local flat files (text files). I think I am going to use that to keep track of the items and NPCs, I have to figure out security to keep users from cheating by editting the files, I may end up using encrypted XML instead, we'll see when I get there.

I should have a new video up soon.

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May 23 12 7:46 AM

Thanks :-)

I've made a bunch of progress from the last video post, I got a pathfinding method working now which I am using for both Mouse-click Movement and the what is lit up when your sight range is increased (containing the lightsource within the bounds of the wall).

I am also working heavily on refactoring the code and features to improve the performance of my engine.

Currently Diablo 3 has my full attention so I haven't been working on it much the last week or so

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May 27 12 1:10 PM

It's a great start but it's really simple. If you'd like to help me out with my MORPG remake, I could use the help. Perhaps we could combine our efforts. There's a whole lot of stuff that needs to be done in CotWO and I'm usually either too lazy or busy to work on it lately haha. It's just such a huge project for one person. There's a lot more to the game than most people really think about, it's hard to do all by myself.

So let me know if you're interested. If you know enough to code this, you probably won't have any problems with CotWO in Dream Maker (BYOND). It's a simple object oriented programming language based in C, very easy to learn if you already know a C based language. Dream Maker (or DM) is based in a game development engine built with 2D game design in mind, utilizing a ready-made community hub connecting CotWO to hundreds of thousands of 2D game fans. Since the majority of players will have never heard of CotW, I want to expand the game into a truly complex MMO experience. But I guess you already know that. lol

This invitation goes out to everyone else too. If you know an object oriented programming language, for the love of life man PM me so we can get this ball rolling! We, the surviving CotW community, need to pool together to make this game happen. It's never going to work with everyone working on their own individual remakes. An online game is the way to go, I think we can all agree on that. You (all of you) have the opportunity to shape this game into something that you can really be proud of. Rather than try to create a remake from scratch by yourself, help me provide not only the CotW fans but every 2D RPG fan an enjoyable, classic adventure experience filled with only that which your imagination can dream up. I have the base, everything is functioning (more or less). All you have to do is help me build onto it. PM me if you're interested.

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May 29 12 8:04 AM

Thanks for the offer leptoon but I'm not interested.

The game engine I am making is fully compatible with XBox 360 (in other words, when its done I can sell it in the XBoxLive marketplace) and mostly its the engine that I am focused on finishing, the game itself is less important to me.

I know its a lot of work to build a game by yourself, I have been working on this game engine for 2 years, and all you see is some fog of war implementation and a simple loaded level... shameful really.

Good luck to yerself, holler on the boards if you got any questions, I will release some sample code when my random dungeon generator is done to help you along (this has been one of the more interesting sets of code to work on, I have been playing through various rouge style games the last month researching how their levels appear to be generated)

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Jul 27 12 9:14 AM

Thanks Gil!!

I burned that engine in the holy hellfires of Mordor... I am constantly trying to tweak things on it, its very difficult to build your own engine...

I found an opensource XNA engine called FlatRedBall, so I can change the compiled source code of it if I need to, but it provides much of the features I had written in my game code. I am currently reconstructing the entire game using FRB and hopefully in a few weeks I will have it back to this state (honestly it will only take a few days, but I have to actually find the time and desire to work).

Will update soon as its ready,

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Aug 1 12 8:14 AM

Completed several tutorials to get the process of building games with this engine down. I am shocked at how awesome and easy it is to work with an engine that is already built. I should have some good results coming up soon.

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Aug 19 12 6:31 PM

If you need graphics, I'm sure we can work something out btw.

Good luck on the engine switch!

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