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Dec 13 11 9:30 PM

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The craziest floor feature I've ever found in game was an isolated room. As in it had no hallway leading into it! You had to use either Phase Door or Teleport just to get into the room. And I've only found it once; if I'd known it was so rare, I would have saved on that floor.
I've seen several other crazy floor features.

Anybody else find any other crazy floor features; ones that are unusual and don't occur too often?
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Dec 18 11 7:20 AM

Re: Crazy floor features

There are some funny shaped rooms, but I've encountered them a few times so I'm pretty sure those are intentional features. Cross shaped, trapzoidal shaped, etc.

Did your isolated room fill up with monsters?

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Dec 28 11 5:34 PM

There was only a single Blue Dragon in there.

I've also had floors two hallways were connected by up to three doors! There was one floor where I had a throne with a door in the bottom left corner. I've even seen two adjacent hallways connected by up to two doors.

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