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Sep 18 11 4:44 PM

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I've found some rare, naturally occurring, enchanted weapons; I started referring to them as "Doubles".
The reason why is because they have 2 special enchantments.

One enchantment that's always found with these weapons is either the healing or the mana restoring enchantment. The other varies and can be one of the 5 resist attributes, one of the 5 groups a weapon can be enchanted against or Detect Monsters.
Of course they still have 1 to 3 of the other enchantments.

These weapons are exclusive to part 2, and the earliest I've found them is on Dungeon Level 20.
I'm currently trying to collect the complete set of 22 weapons; I've got 20 of the 22 weapons.

Are there any other rarer, naturally occurring, enchanted weapons I should know about?
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