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Jul 21 11 1:42 AM

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Just so you all don't get the wrong idea. This is not something I coded myself from the bottom up. This is an old school program that was once included in a shareware game called Blades of Exile. The original games, the editing program, the game engine are all done by Spiderweb Software. The Blades of Exile Scenario editor is what I used to recreate (to the best of my abilities and to the extent of the engine would allow) a Castle of the Winds scenario.

The Exile series was like Castle of the Winds, except MUCH more detailed. Much more advanced leveling system. Much more dynamic magic and items system and even though it was still a top-down, click-and-drag, dungeon crawler it had a range of graphics. However, I've always had a soft spot for Castle of the Winds. A few years passed, I got into Exile (they were on the same freeware/shareware Galaxy of Games disc I had) and eventually ended up with Blades of Exile, the final game of the Exile series.

For a long while, the original editor was incompatible with newer systems, and only recently did I discover that Spiderweb Software had released the source code or whatever for the editor, and other gamers have tweaked it and helped make it better than what it was, plus it works on my current computer. I didn't even know, this forum existed. I just wanted to make a Castle of the Winds scenario for Blades of Exile for myself. It was only when I began to do research, did I find this place.

Long story short, here's a few screenshots of the very beginning. A lot of work still needs to be done however, I haven't been working on this for very long.

Again, because it isn't a game engine that I coded myself, there are certain things that can and can't be done. Random dungeons for example, those can't be done to my knowledge in this editor. The game has a fixed number of "outdoor" sections as well as "indoor" sections, towns in this case. Each town can be a fixed size and from there you can set up town boundaries to edit just how large a "town" is. However, what can be done, is much richer in detail.
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