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From most to least important:
1) No reloading save to stop yourself from dying or fix up a mistake. Only save in case your computer crashes or to close the game and open it again later.
2) No using upstairs until you reach the bottom of the dungeon, then no using downstairs until you reach the top again.
3) No using the shops in town.
4) Experts Only.
5) Speedrun.

Minus the speedrun part (I was cautious and ground up until level 9!! before facing Hrungnir, I know I can do it a lot faster now) I am currently doing an iron man run that made it to game 2 and is still going strong. It took me about 8 deaths before I got a run with momentum, almost all of which were on the first level of the mine but one was after I reached character level 4 because I got overconfident and died to poison.

You'll be surprised at how much more tactical and dangerous the game is once you're as weak as possible, at risk of permadeath and have no safe haven to run back into when you're low on mana - you have to tough it out on the first floor of the mines. You will die to traps, to being surrounded, to just plain bad luck, but you will learn. You will subside on only what you can find. Also, throw away your purse, you're not going to use it.


What other ___ Man Challenges can you think of for Castle of the Winds? From the original iron man rules, 1) should always apply, but the other ones can either be added or removed to make the challenge/easier harder, and of course different challenges can be added to each other.

Impatient Man: If a downstairs tile is revealed, you have to get to and use it ASAP. You cannot go upstairs until the bottom of a dungeon.
Restless Man: No using 'r'est, or deliberately stalling to regenerate HP.
Sleepless Man: No using 'R'est, or deliberately stalling to regenerate mana.

Melee Man: No 'Attack' school spells allowed.
Malicious Man: 'Attack' school spells are allowed but Sleep, Slow and Transmogrify are not.
Marching Man: No 'Movement' school spells allowed.
Macho Man: No 'Defense' or 'Healing' school spells allowed.
Mindless Man: No 'Divination' or 'Miscellaneous' school spells allowed.
Magic Man: No melee attacking allowed, only spells.

Nudist Man: No armour (body, helmet, shield, bracers, gauntlets) allowed.
No Hands Man: No weapon/free hand allowed.
Modest Man: No jewellery (amulet, cloak, rings) allowed.
Ascetic Man: No misc equipment (pack, belt, boots, purse) allowed.

Thrifty Man: You can't interact with any building.
Back Injury Man: You can't pick up anything off the floor.
Mundane Man: You can't use anything that is Blessed or Cursed.
X Allergy Man: You can't pick up/use anything made of X, where X is...
-Paper (excluding parchments)
-Meteoric Steel
-Any Metal (excluding helm of the storms)

Slow Man: By whatever means, weigh yourself down with stuff you will not use until you reach 100%/150%. Do not ever go above this speed when in the dungeon.
Slower Man: By whatever means, weigh yourself down with stuff you will not use until you reach 100%/100%. Do not ever go above this speed when in the dungeon.
Slowest Man: By whatever means, weigh yourself down with stuff you will not use until you reach 100%/50%. Do not ever go above this speed when in the dungeon (+/- some epsilon in case you need to change some equipment)

Low Stats Man: Store as many possible stat points in the 'unused' meter when generating your character.
Low Stats, Low X Man: In addition, bottom out the stat that is X. E.g. Low Stats, Low Intelligence Man has as many possible stat points in the 'unused' meter and also has minimum possible intelligence

Pacifist Man: You may not kill anything that is not Hrungnir or Surtur.
Unlucky Man: If you can prove that any next move you can make has a positive chance of dying associated with it, then die immediately. (Manticores will always do 36 damage, Berzerkers will always do 20, dragons will always breathe, if a tile hasn't been proven to not have a trap it will have the worst trap for you in it, Gelatinous Globs will always paralyze, Phase Door/Teleport will always plonk you in the center of the most damage, if Detect Monsters isn't up assume the darkness is full of hungry Manticores, etc)
Ill Man: You have a life-threatening sickness, and if you are ever poisoned or any of your attributes drained you die if not treated within 5 minutes.
Haemophiliac Man: If your hp is ever below maximum, you must restore it to maximum within 5 minutes or you will die from bleeding out.
Realistic HP System Man: Keep track of how much you have been hurt. If this amount of damage exceeds your max HP you die. The only way to reset the counter is to stay at the hospital (visit the temple of odin).
Penultimate Man: You may never take 1 HP damage.
Ultimate Man: You may never use 1 mana.
TAS Man: Complete the game in the minimum possible time by saving, loading and manipulating luck.


BTW, fun challenges could be made by using CastleFreeHand.exe to hexedit yourself an otherwise impossible start and then going from there. e.g. what if you had sleep, slow and transmogrify monster spells that cost 1 mana and weren't allowed to use anything else? Or what if you had a super duper weapon but no survivability?
Also, you can hex edit to harder than experts only: http://cotw.11.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=86