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Mar 4 11 4:10 PM

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Is it possible to get COTW to run in Win 7. I've read Theta's post - must be a programmer 'cause I don't get most of the instructions. Way too complicated for me.
Besides, my DOS and Win 3.11 floppies decayed years ago. I threw them away.
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Mar 24 11 6:16 PM

I don't know about the 64-bit version of windows, but the game should work fine on any 32-bit version of windows.

The original creator of Castle of the Winds now gives this game away as freeware. you get download it from their site here.

Download the zip, and extract all files to a new folder called "Castle of the Winds" the zip contains theoriginal shareware version, and the full registered version. Just double click the castle1 executable and go.

If the 64-bit version of windows 7 fails to play this game, then follow the instructions linked in the post above mine. Download DOSBox, then install win 3.x into dosbox, and play the game from that.

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Mar 27 11 1:19 PM

Windows 3.1 virtual PC using VMWare with Unity would be even better, but then you'll be spending lots of time trying to get it to work. The advantage there is that it seemingly runs as a native application.

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Apr 22 11 11:18 PM

I have no idea if you ever got this to work, but I'm on Win7-64, and I installed Win98 through VMWare and ran COTW just fine. I find that the 95/98 OS's do 97% of what I want from 3.1 anyway... I found I had about 3 95/98 disks just lying around...

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