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Dec 22 10 5:28 PM

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Anyone have a boxed copy of this game they're willing to sell? I've been looking all over so I can add it to my collection but can't find it anywhere.

Also I know the game is free online, but I want to have a boxed copy.
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Dec 24 10 12:38 PM

I only know it's going to be hard to track down. Maybe Rick Saada himself can point you to the right place?

I've got a copy somewhere, but it's not boxed. Are you sure the first was released in a box?

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Dec 24 10 2:30 PM

I already sent him an email actually. He said in at Wal-Mart if we were in the 90s, lol. But yeh, I'm sure the first one had a box.

I'm finding that's its near impossible to track down.

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