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#41 [url]

Jun 9 07 10:28 PM

I still read the forum, Just not as much right now as I have to do exams and such.

Anyways I'm downloading it right now.

Edit: worked.

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Jun 14 07 3:06 PM

Posting here since it is the most active remake thread but the question is general for any remake.

Does anyone have the monster values for the game? I've been playing and checking spoiler files for several other games and in order to get this to work you need the relative speed, hit points, armor class, and type and number of attacks for each monster. If I remember correctly, wizards have six spells they can cast besides a melee attack. Without source, it will take quite a bit of observation.

I can start to put together something but would like to know if anyone has something already so I'm not just spending time.

Edit: forgot about resistances. See that Temple of Odin already has drops, but need percentage chance of those drops including range of money dropped which is also dependant on level.

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#45 [url]

Jun 23 07 11:46 AM

Decided to stop and categorize the information to try to get by observation:

treasures - number per level and difficulty, have for mine level 1
proportion of each enchanted, cursed, or useless
percentage of each type of potion/scroll/spellbook etc
number of charges per wand type
percentage of containers with items and how many - enchanted/cursed/useless/type etc

traps - number of each type per level and difficulty - have mine level 1 difficulty expert
first level a trap can appear - have for traps in mine
number of tries to disarm and triggers and whether triggers hit or miss
per type of trap for various dexterity levels and maybe mine levels - have some data
percent of traps showing for each find trap spell - have some data
time for disarm
damage caused by trap - dependent on armor?

monsters - can climb stairs or not - have done for monsters in the mine
hp - range and form of range - mostly done for monsters in the mine
type of attacks - have done for monsters in the mine
speed - have for almost all monsters
damage per type of attack for various armor levels
percentage likelihood of hit for various desterity levels
damage to a monster for levels of weapon, strenth, damage
chance to hit a monster for levels of dexterity, to hit
for poison attacks - how long does it last, percentage of death (seems quite low, dependent on anything?)
number of each type per level and difficulty at creation
first level a monster can appear - have done for monsters in the mine
percentage of drops, what type of drops - similar to treasure tracking
rate of regeneration of hp
monsters reappear on the hour - per Taivo
maximum number of monsters per floor ongoing
percent of monster created sleeping
resistances, immunities, and experience are basically done on the Temple of Odin site

stores - how many items (any variance between first and later times), what items, and percentage of
time before item change or elimination if more than normal number or addition if fewer than normal number

spells - time effective
likelihood of miss
amount of damage
time to use

wands - time to use
amount of damage or length of spell
type/percentage of monster per floor for summon monster (none in mine)

potions - time to use
time effective

scrolls - time to use
time effective
type/percentage of monster per floor for create monster

time - per move, search, wand use, equipping an item, dropping, getting, open door, ???

Edit:July 05, 2007 - added a few things to do

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#46 [url]

Jun 25 07 7:50 AM

Nice stuff, I can't wait till we totally deface the old game. Exams are over, so I'll be finishing this engine soon. I need to rewrite some parts first...

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#47 [url]

Jun 25 07 5:54 PM

realized some things:

I missed including when a spell is effective - e. g., magic arrow seems to have decreased accuracy and damage over farther distances. Meaning I also missed damage level for attack spells in the previous post.

Missed including rate of regeneration of hp for monsters.

Also, need own rate of regneration of hp and mana normally, when resting, and when sleeping.

The best way I can think of to check damage to a monster is to save the game each time a monster is hit and look at the current hp in the file. Hoping to figure out a better way.

Think I'll look at stores next.

Good to hear you'll be working on the engine.

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#48 [url]

May 20 11 2:33 PM

I can't believe something like this has existed...

I've been playing this game for over 20 years (yes, I started playing in 1990 ish) and I was born in 1986. I started early, what can I say?

So I wanted to know, what does someone have to do to see where the status of this amazing project is? I have no skills, but will find a way to apply them in one way or another

I doubt anyone will still read a forum they haven't replied to in 4 years, but maybe I'll get lucky.

Hope to hear from someone eventually...

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#50 [url]

Jan 16 12 9:44 AM

Lol im hoping yer still here,been looking for this game for ages

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